I’m going to take things in a new direction. I might start reviewing Monday Night Raw every other two weeks versus every week — just to gather thoughts. This may not happen – however.

More updates on games in progress, or working prototypes. Due to personal things going on with life It has been hard to post updates; which I can hopefully change in the future.

Downloads will be sorted out! I have decided to update older games to a more modern version of Unity.  Stay tuned.

I am going to either update this site’s layout, or purchase a new theme. I’m not sure yet.

I have started a Patreon, and I do plan to make a bigger announcement in the future.



12/1/2017 update


Just messing around with some stuff. I finally got around to being motivated enough to mess around with a few things, and to continue working on them.

The first half of the clip shows off this ball swinging platform idea, while the second half is just a typical third person example — nothing exciting.



It’s been a while since an update so what have I been working on? Nothing.

I found myself a small part time job, and the need to create has taken a backseat for a while — that is until now. There is something always brewing in my mind, and I’ll share more as I can.

By the way, here’s a screenshots of Mario Kart 8 running at near full speed on my pc ūüôā


New Unity Project 2

I absolutely suck at naming my projects, so “New Unity Project 2” is really a new exclusive Shield TV Game.

Why The NVIDIA Sheild TV (2005 verison 16gb)? 

I was partly inspired by the new Nintendo NX ( ūüė¶ sadly I won’t be getting one for the foreseeable future), and how similar the hardware may be — even if it is a bit updated.

I also didn’t want to be constricted to a phone once again as I have in the past, and A lot of my games were mobile, but I haven’t done anything serious with the NVIDIA Shield TV, so I wanted a bit freedom to play with in terms of power, and quite frankly, and wanted to use a regular controller for once.

The Results? 

In a short span I’ve managed to get the analog sticks working. You may look around, and move.


So whats next?

I’m not quite sure yet. Maybe a Scifi-Theme, RPG mashup so unbalanced, and buggy it might pass for a Bethesda game. Just kidding!! I love all their games!

On a personal level:

I’ve been attending group therapy 4 days a week; roughly 3 hours a day. I think it’s quite easy to see how motivation to do any sort of programming, game design, or anything computer related might be a bit of a hassle. I do suffer from depression, anxiety. So excuse the lack of updates .

Wrestling Smarks

Smark –¬†Short for “smart mark”. Someone who has inside knowledge of the wrestling business, but isn’t speaking from their own personal experience with the business. Often used as a term of derision for know-it-all fans.

I really dislike these types of fans, and let’s be honest here some of us go on the internet read the dirt sheets, or listen to some of the podcasts, ¬†and like to think we have all this insider knowledge on what goes on behind the scenes. The problem is¬†these fans in turn like to show off their “insider” knowledge, and it can ruin the whole experience for others attending live events, and those watching on the WWE Network. I’m looking at you full sail.

Summer Slam is a good example of this. During the Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins match the crowd was just too busy chanting things that had nothing to do with the match Рwhich was very good by the way.

Just my two cents on this.



About: Primitive Combat Simulation.

So, what is Primitive Combat Simulation, and what was the inspiration behind this game?



Well, it started off simply because I¬†can’t¬†run/play the new Doom game – Yes, seriously. My hardware simply doesn’t support it. I’m also no stranger to browsing the id software github repository from time to time – mainly to read C code. I’m inspired by the games/engines.

My first stab at a 3D first person shooter was with Project Isolation. It runs as intended, but the project file is a mess. I toyed around with several more fps projects afterwards, but nothing ever came out of it, and well, here we are now.

Fun fact, Quake 2 was the first fps I ever played, and it was on the Playstation

What is the gameplay like?

Wolfenstein 3D mixed with Doom. The core gameplay consist of retrieving a key to unlock the next level, shooting enemies, and picking up supplies to replenish yourself with. Really Рnothing fancy. Just a simple mindless shooter to pick up, and play.


The android version is as simplistic, and clean as I could make it. There is a joystick on the bottom left of the screen. You can use the right side of the screen to look around, and finally a menu button. There is however an ad banner placed at the top, but nothing more. There are no inapp purchases, and no ad pop ups. Just a simple game, with simple controls.

Android screenshot

Features ( as of version 0.4.0 ):

  • 10 levels.
  • updated¬†enemy models.
  • auto save at the end of each level, and ability to load the game.
  • in game menu.
  • clean UI.
  • practice area

You can download the current versions at https://winboy89.itch.io/primitive-combat-simulation