What is robopush?

robopush! A small bite-sized jumping platform game.
Use the blocks to help you reach the goal!

Simple platform video game in where the play must use the
boxes to their advantage to advance levels.

– Features 10 bite-sized levels
– Fun robot character.
– Fun, Simple, and for all ages!
– Perfect for on the go!
– 6 lives.


That’s the description I used in the Google play store. There’s more to the game then just the simple description I posted. What is robopush? At the core robopush is just the third iteration of the first game I ever built.


The basic core game play is a platformer where the object is to push the box to help you reach the end of the level. Mechanically the game works, but it doesn’t work well.

If you’re too far off on a ledge then you might as well forget about jumping, because it will not work. Six lives? More like three. The onscreen gui was crafted before Unity 4.6 introduced the new gui system. The project directory is a mess, and unorganized. The music, and artwork came from, and I did manage to implement achievements, and a pause menu. I’m not sure if it was worth the effort though.




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