Zone-X / Galaxy Zone X

What is Galaxy Zone X?

An extremely simple space shooter inspired by Galaga/Galaxian, Space Invaders, and 1942. The game play was suppose to simulate the arcade style experience. No coins needed! Ha-ha?

Each enemy gives you a certain amount of points towards your goal to advance to the next level. There are a total of 9 levels, with newer enemies spawning the further you advance.

There are two versions of this game in existence. Zone-X is the first version in a fully playable working state. Galaxy Zone X was the second version, and was built with code from Zone-X.


Detailed Version Differences

Zone X

  • Hand drawn pixel graphics.
  • Pre-Unity 4.6 GUI
  • HUD UI is broken.

Galaxy Zone X

  • Music
  • Improved graphics
  • Mix of old Unity GUI, and new Unity GUI (4.6+)
  • Small story line, and intro level


You’re home world is under attack Navigate through the asteroid belt, and help bring peace.

On my quick play through while writing this I managed to reach wave 4. The amount of points needed to advance is a bit high which has the effect of making the game unbeatable unless values are changed. This was suppose to be balanced out by having your shield regenerate when it is below 50%.

Artwork, and music was found online, and over at opengameart.

Object Pooling

The enemies, spawn locations and projectiles are powered by object pooling. You can find more information here: Unity3D Object Pooling






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