The Jumping Adventure

What is The Jumping Adventure?

Well, here’s a quick fact, it started off as a sokoban type game.

Unfortunately I’ve lost the project files for early versions of this project.

It slowly morphed into this 2D platformer that you see below. The object is simple. Collect coins, and avoid getting hit by enemies. It’s a simple platformer on the surface, but to reach this level I was testing out a lot of ideas. After all – it did start off as a sokoban game.


To reach the higher platforms you need to place boxes, which self destruct within a few seconds, to assist you.


Technically the game works as intended. You place the boxes which then go on to self destruct. The player runs, and jumps as intended. There are  also 10 hand crafted levels. The game however is very unfinished. What I have best here is a solid prototype that needed a lot of refining. If we were to compare robopush to The Jumping Adventure the jump(no pun) in technical quality is apparent. This is a tech demo, and should be treated as such.

This control scheme is heavily inspired with mobile phones in mind. There was/were on screen buttons for control input, and the player was allowed to touch the screen to place a box anywhere they sought fit. This is only true if above the controller area. This can be simulated with a mouse for the pc version. I do have the android version available on the Google playstore, but it remains unpublished.

The camera following the player was adapted, and modified from this reference page in Unity3D. Collisions2D is used for the enemies, coins, and other. Jumping is done with he help of Rigidbody2D. Movement is done with the transform.Translate function.

The Jumping Adventure will be the last game in 2D as I started to dabble in 3D more.


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