What is pocketWrestling? A wrestling promoter simulator.

Well, at least that’s what I wanted it to be.
I’m a big WWE fan so this was my way of showing that love for it.

The gameplay was going to be pretty straight forward. You select a venue, select your match options, select a wrestler, and finally advertising.
The further you advanced in the game the more venue options would be available, wrestlers would cost more due to experience. The wrestlers were going to “level up”  stats centered around three attributes (power, charisma, and popularity).
I would definitely say this was one of the more complex programs I had written. The interface is simple enough to navigate. Peel back the layers, and underneath it all is pure spaghetti code. This was my first attempt at something like this, and for weeks I tossed ideas back, and forth on how to store the wrestler data, loading / saving, and everything else involved with numbers. Of course this lead to doing some research, and a lot of experimenting.
To advance past the wrestler screen the wrestler count needs to be added correctly. For instance –  selecting one singles match, and 0 tag team means you only need to select two singles wrestlers. Selecting one singles, and one tag team match means you need to select two wrestlers, and two tag teams. Thinking about this now it doesn’t seem to user friendly.
The biggest achievement here is the wrestler selection. How I managed to get it working is beyond me. It is a mess – I can not stress this enough. I got a little too ambitious with this project, and that’s okay. You learn through failure. One day in the near future I would love to come back to this idea.

Linux (Recommend Ubuntu 64bit) , and Windows version are available.






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