Project Isolation

After The Jumping Adventure I toyed with several more 2D projects. One was the very early version of what would become Space Waves. The other one was this quirky 2D stealth game. Unfortunately this game is long lost along with several prototypes of very early builds of project isolation. I was confident enough in Unity to start exploring the 3D aspect of things. I was doing 2D for a long time, and just wanted to switch things up.

So what is Project Isolation? It’s a very primitive first person shooter inspired by the infamous id tech shooters. You can pick up ammo, health, and there are enemies. It’s simple, doesn’t play too badly, although the mouse control is a bit wonky, and I enjoyed building it a lot. You also can’t jump.


From the very beginning everything was a heavy experiment to see what worked, and what didn’t. I was buried deep in the unity 3d documentation reading up on engine specific things. There was plenty of googling going on as well. The coding was easily adaptable coming from 2D so I had no issues here. It was game engine specifics such as lighting, terrain, and importing models etc that I had to read up on and experiment with heavily.

I lost a lot of sleep working on this project, but it was well worth it. So many iterations of the first level alone were made that I’m pretty confident it’s in the thousands. Early ideas included using a dinosaur as an enemy which I had working too! There was also at one point an enemy soldier, shotgun as your primary weapon, an outside level where you eventually found a ship to “fly away” which served as the games ending. There were a lot of iterations – I can’t repeat or stress this enough. I was working on this project for a solid 4-5 months. Luckily I have some very early screen shots to show off. 


How long is the game? It’s about 15 minutes if you know where everything is already at. It does save at the beginning of each level so you can always return to it when you need to.

Like every other game before it I had originally wanted this to be an android game. I quickly learned that wasn’t going to be possible so instead It became a PC game. There is an android port available, but it has horrible controls, and runs horribly. It’s unpublished from the Google Play store.



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