Primitive – Update.



Download links for WindowsLinuxAndroid.

NVIDIA Shield TV Gameplay footage.

NVIDIA Shield TV download

Added features:

  • basic enemies.
  • ammo, amour, and health packs.
  • ability to shoot.
  • a simple playable stage.


  • levels.
  • music, and sound effects.


  • This was thrown together to give you an idea on how the game will over all play. A lot will change, and nothing here is final. THIS IS A HEAVY WORK IN PROGRESS.
  • Amour is capped to 50 so picking up extras will do nothing
    the same applies to health which is capped at 100.
  • SHIELD TV users will need to ‘force stop‘ the app , and open it again to start a new game.


  • Left analog – move around
  • Right analog – look around
  • Right Bumper –  shoot


Also Available for FREE on Google Play. This version is the same as the android version above. A free copy will always be available to download.



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