Ah, Linux. The free kernel that powers multiple distributions.

So you’re new to Linux, don’t know where to start? We’ve all been there. What experienced Linux user hasn’t distro hopped?




honorable mention to Debian.

There are some differences between distributions, but they generally all function the same exact way. It is a matter of personal choice. This is not a comprehensive list, and should be used as an entry point on where to begin.


Ubuntu. Is a polished, and very popular distribution. It is recommended you start here, but not necessary. It is encouraged to explore other distributions before making a decision.

Fedora.  Just as easy as Ubuntu. Check it out.

openSUSE. It is universally agreed openSUSE has a very polished desktop experience, and is also very user friendly, but it does things a little different from the other two titans.

Arch Linux. Screw all that user friendly stuff. You just want the raw Linux experience. Here’s the manual to go with it.

Recommended way to try out Linux:

  •  VirtualBoxNo need to worry about having to dual boot, or mess with the hard drive. This method is a lot safer, and friendlier.