So, what is Primitive Combat Simulation, and what was the inspiration behind this game?



Well, it started off simply because I can’t run/play the new Doom game – Yes, seriously. My hardware simply doesn’t support it. I’m also no stranger to browsing the id software github repository from time to time – mainly to read C code. I’m inspired by the games/engines.

My first stab at a 3D first person shooter was with Project Isolation. It runs as intended, but the project file is a mess. I toyed around with several more fps projects afterwards, but nothing ever came out of it, and well, here we are now.

Fun fact, Quake 2 was the first fps I ever played, and it was on the Playstation

What is the gameplay like?

Wolfenstein 3D mixed with Doom. The core gameplay consist of retrieving a key to unlock the next level, shooting enemies, and picking up supplies to replenish yourself with. Really – nothing fancy. Just a simple mindless shooter to pick up, and play.


The android version is as simplistic, and clean as I could make it. There is a joystick on the bottom left of the screen. You can use the right side of the screen to look around, and finally a menu button. There is however an ad banner placed at the top, but nothing more. There are no inapp purchases, and no ad pop ups. Just a simple game, with simple controls.

Android screenshot

Features ( as of version 0.4.0 ):

  • 10 levels.
  • updated enemy models.
  • auto save at the end of each level, and ability to load the game.
  • in game menu.
  • clean UI.
  • practice area

You can download the current versions at