Wrestling Smarks

Smark – Short for “smart mark”. Someone who has inside knowledge of the wrestling business, but isn’t speaking from their own personal experience with the business. Often used as a term of derision for know-it-all fans.

I really dislike these types of fans, and let’s be honest here some of us go on the internet read the dirt sheets, or listen to some of the podcasts,  and like to think we have all this insider knowledge on what goes on behind the scenes. The problem is these fans in turn like to show off their “insider” knowledge, and it can ruin the whole experience for others attending live events, and those watching on the WWE Network. I’m looking at you full sail.

Summer Slam is a good example of this. During the Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins match the crowd was just too busy chanting things that had nothing to do with the match – which was very good by the way.

Just my two cents on this.




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