New Unity Project 2

I absolutely suck at naming my projects, so “New Unity Project 2” is really a new exclusive Shield TV Game.

Why The NVIDIA Sheild TV (2005 verison 16gb)? 

I was partly inspired by the new Nintendo NX ( 😦 sadly I won’t be getting one for the foreseeable future), and how similar the hardware may be — even if it is a bit updated.

I also didn’t want to be constricted to a phone once again as I have in the past, and A lot of my games were mobile, but I haven’t done anything serious with the NVIDIA Shield TV, so I wanted a bit freedom to play with in terms of power, and quite frankly, and wanted to use a regular controller for once.

The Results? 

In a short span I’ve managed to get the analog sticks working. You may look around, and move.


So whats next?

I’m not quite sure yet. Maybe a Scifi-Theme, RPG mashup so unbalanced, and buggy it might pass for a Bethesda game. Just kidding!! I love all their games!

On a personal level:

I’ve been attending group therapy 4 days a week; roughly 3 hours a day. I think it’s quite easy to see how motivation to do any sort of programming, game design, or anything computer related might be a bit of a hassle. I do suffer from depression, anxiety. So excuse the lack of updates .


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