12/1/2017 update


Just messing around with some stuff. I finally got around to being motivated enough to mess around with a few things, and to continue working on them.

The first half of the clip shows off this ball swinging platform idea, while the second half is just a typical third person example — nothing exciting.



New Unity Project 2

I absolutely suck at naming my projects, so “New Unity Project 2” is really a new exclusive Shield TV Game.

Why The NVIDIA Sheild TV (2005 verison 16gb)? 

I was partly inspired by the new Nintendo NX ( ūüė¶ sadly I won’t be getting one for the foreseeable future), and how similar the hardware may be — even if it is a bit updated.

I also didn’t want to be constricted to a phone once again as I have in the past, and A lot of my games were mobile, but I haven’t done anything serious with the NVIDIA Shield TV, so I wanted a bit freedom to play with in terms of power, and quite frankly, and wanted to use a regular controller for once.

The Results? 

In a short span I’ve managed to get the analog sticks working. You may look around, and move.


So whats next?

I’m not quite sure yet. Maybe a Scifi-Theme, RPG mashup so unbalanced, and buggy it might pass for a Bethesda game. Just kidding!! I love all their games!

On a personal level:

I’ve been attending group therapy 4 days a week; roughly 3 hours a day. I think it’s quite easy to see how motivation to do any sort of programming, game design, or anything computer related might be a bit of a hassle. I do suffer from depression, anxiety. So excuse the lack of updates .

About: Primitive Combat Simulation.

So, what is Primitive Combat Simulation, and what was the inspiration behind this game?



Well, it started off simply because I¬†can’t¬†run/play the new Doom game – Yes, seriously. My hardware simply doesn’t support it. I’m also no stranger to browsing the id software github repository from time to time – mainly to read C code. I’m inspired by the games/engines.

My first stab at a 3D first person shooter was with Project Isolation. It runs as intended, but the project file is a mess. I toyed around with several more fps projects afterwards, but nothing ever came out of it, and well, here we are now.

Fun fact, Quake 2 was the first fps I ever played, and it was on the Playstation

What is the gameplay like?

Wolfenstein 3D mixed with Doom. The core gameplay consist of retrieving a key to unlock the next level, shooting enemies, and picking up supplies to replenish yourself with. Really Рnothing fancy. Just a simple mindless shooter to pick up, and play.


The android version is as simplistic, and clean as I could make it. There is a joystick on the bottom left of the screen. You can use the right side of the screen to look around, and finally a menu button. There is however an ad banner placed at the top, but nothing more. There are no inapp purchases, and no ad pop ups. Just a simple game, with simple controls.

Android screenshot

Features ( as of version 0.4.0 ):

  • 10 levels.
  • updated¬†enemy models.
  • auto save at the end of each level, and ability to load the game.
  • in game menu.
  • clean UI.
  • practice area

You can download the current versions at https://winboy89.itch.io/primitive-combat-simulation

SpaceWaves 2.0 update.


Yesterday (7/23/2016) I decided to update SpaveWaves a bit, and bring it into a more modern project setting.

  • Enemies spawn much¬†faster now¬†which improves the games pace.
  • I cleaned up the UI

Note I quickly tested the game, so it might need a bit more of a balance adjusting, nothing too major I would assume.


Click to download

[7/24/2016] Primitive update

I just pushed out a new android build for “Primitive Combat Simulation” that now features 2 levels plus a practice area. I already have a total of 10 levels¬†finished,including the 2 released,¬†that will¬†slowly start¬†rolling out.


As always the game is a work in progress, and nothing is ever final.

New in this update:

  • 2 levels.
  • new main menu
  • practice¬†area
  • saving / loading
  • automatic saves


There will be no pc , or shield tv build to this version.

Click to download


Primitive: Combat Simulator – Android Only Release.


I’ve been hard at working on an update. So here it is. It’s a hefty one underneath.

It now requires Android version to be 4.4. It’s also Free.


  • Now requires Android version 4.4
  • New item graphics.
  • New controller scheme.
  • Tweaks, and fixes.
  • Enemies have been tweaked, and adjusted.


Hold, and Swipe the small ring in the lower left to move in the direction you want to. This is your joystick.
-Swipe or Hold, and Swipe the right side of the screen to look around. Short swipes provide greater accuracy. Same applies if you Hold, and Swipe slowly.
-If you are within range,and your cross hair is pointed at a robot; you will automatically fire.
-At the start of the game look left, and move towards the checkpoint to restart the level.





Primitive Update (7/7/2016)

==Download Links==

Free Android version¬†¬†|| [FREE] –¬†Google Play version.



Linux (Ubuntu recommended).


What’s New?

  • Main menu
  • Tweaked area.
  • Updated Android UI.
  • Various tweaks, and adjustments.


  • Music, and Sound Effects.
  • Levels


  • SHIELD TV users will need to ‚Äėforce stop‚Äė the app , and open it again to start a¬†new game.
  • There is no main menu in the SHIELD TV version.
  • This is a heavy work in progress, and will be updated frequently.


Android version

Primitive – Update.



Download links for Windows, Linux, Android.

NVIDIA Shield TV Gameplay footage.

NVIDIA Shield TV download

Added features:

  • basic enemies.
  • ammo, amour, and health packs.
  • ability to shoot.
  • a simple playable¬†stage.


  • levels.
  • music, and sound effects.


  • This was thrown together to give you an idea on how the game will over all play. A lot will change, and nothing here is final. THIS IS A HEAVY WORK IN PROGRESS.
  • Amour is capped to 50 so picking up extras will do nothing
    the same applies to health which is capped at 100.
  • SHIELD TV users will need to ‘force stop‘ the app , and open it again to start a¬†new game.


  • Left¬†analog – move around
  • Right analog – look around
  • Right Bumper – ¬†shoot


Also Available for FREE on Google Play. This version is the same as the android version above. A free copy will always be available to download.