SpaceWaves 2.0 update.


Yesterday (7/23/2016) I decided to update SpaveWaves a bit, and bring it into a more modern project setting.

  • Enemies spawn much faster now which improves the games pace.
  • I cleaned up the UI

Note I quickly tested the game, so it might need a bit more of a balance adjusting, nothing too major I would assume.


Click to download

[7/24/2016] Primitive update

I just pushed out a new android build for “Primitive Combat Simulation” that now features 2 levels plus a practice area. I already have a total of 10 levels finished,including the 2 released, that will slowly start rolling out.


As always the game is a work in progress, and nothing is ever final.

New in this update:

  • 2 levels.
  • new main menu
  • practice area
  • saving / loading
  • automatic saves


There will be no pc , or shield tv build to this version.

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Primitive: Combat Simulator – Android Only Release.


I’ve been hard at working on an update. So here it is. It’s a hefty one underneath.

It now requires Android version to be 4.4. It’s also Free.


  • Now requires Android version 4.4
  • New item graphics.
  • New controller scheme.
  • Tweaks, and fixes.
  • Enemies have been tweaked, and adjusted.


Hold, and Swipe the small ring in the lower left to move in the direction you want to. This is your joystick.
-Swipe or Hold, and Swipe the right side of the screen to look around. Short swipes provide greater accuracy. Same applies if you Hold, and Swipe slowly.
-If you are within range,and your cross hair is pointed at a robot; you will automatically fire.
-At the start of the game look left, and move towards the checkpoint to restart the level.





Primitive Update (7/7/2016)

==Download Links==

Free Android version  || [FREE] – Google Play version.



Linux (Ubuntu recommended).


What’s New?

  • Main menu
  • Tweaked area.
  • Updated Android UI.
  • Various tweaks, and adjustments.


  • Music, and Sound Effects.
  • Levels


  • SHIELD TV users will need to ‘force stop‘ the app , and open it again to start a new game.
  • There is no main menu in the SHIELD TV version.
  • This is a heavy work in progress, and will be updated frequently.


Android version

Adding Controller Support to Unity3D

In porting over my latest creation Primitive – Combat Simulator to the NVIDIA Shield TV I tinkered around with including controller support. This is not meant to be a full blown tutorial, but somewhat of a starting guide to point you in the right direction. You will still have to experiment to find what works best for you.





thumbstickleleftx – Controls the Left analog Y axis which is up, and down. In my case this controls the forward, and backwards movement in 3D space. Dead(zone)is how much the analog has to move before the input is registered – the lower;the more responsive. Sensitivity is set to one as default.

Type is set to Joystick Axis for the controller. Axis is set to Y axis to control the up, and down movement of the left analog. If you want to control the left, and right movement we would set this to X axis. However this only applies to the left analog. If we wanted to control the right analog’s axis we would have to set the appropriate axis for the platform. In Windows axis 4 /5  respectively would control X/Y on the right analog.


rightbumper – Self explanatory – the right bumper of the controller.

Gravity is set to 0, Dead is set to 0.2, and Sensitivity is set to 1000. 

Positive Button is set to joystick button 5 which corresponds to the Windows platform for registering the button press. Under Linux, and Mac OS this will be different. Axis can be left where it is, and Type should be set to Key or Mouse Button.


Please note the settings above correspond to the Shield TV Controller, and not the Xbox 360 Controller. You may have to change a few things around, but it is straight forward, and simple.

For additional information see the links below:

Xbox 360 controller –

NVIDIA Shield TV Controller


The Linux newbie starter guide.



Ah, Linux. The free kernel that powers multiple distributions.

So you’re new to Linux, don’t know where to start? We’ve all been there. What experienced Linux user hasn’t distro hopped?




honorable mention to Debian.

There are some differences between distributions, but they generally all function the same exact way. It is a matter of personal choice. This is not a comprehensive list, and should be used as an entry point on where to begin.


Ubuntu. Is a polished, and very popular distribution. It is recommended you start here, but not necessary. It is encouraged to explore other distributions before making a decision.

Fedora.  Just as easy as Ubuntu. Check it out.

openSUSE. It is universally agreed openSUSE has a very polished desktop experience, and is also very user friendly, but it does things a little different from the other two titans.

Arch Linux. Screw all that user friendly stuff. You just want the raw Linux experience. Here’s the manual to go with it.

Recommended way to try out Linux:

  •  VirtualBoxNo need to worry about having to dual boot, or mess with the hard drive. This method is a lot safer, and friendlier.








Primitive – Update.



Download links for WindowsLinuxAndroid.

NVIDIA Shield TV Gameplay footage.

NVIDIA Shield TV download

Added features:

  • basic enemies.
  • ammo, amour, and health packs.
  • ability to shoot.
  • a simple playable stage.


  • levels.
  • music, and sound effects.


  • This was thrown together to give you an idea on how the game will over all play. A lot will change, and nothing here is final. THIS IS A HEAVY WORK IN PROGRESS.
  • Amour is capped to 50 so picking up extras will do nothing
    the same applies to health which is capped at 100.
  • SHIELD TV users will need to ‘force stop‘ the app , and open it again to start a new game.


  • Left analog – move around
  • Right analog – look around
  • Right Bumper –  shoot


Also Available for FREE on Google Play. This version is the same as the android version above. A free copy will always be available to download.